Political Fundraising and Consultation
Navigating Capitol Hill, the world of campaigns, and politics can be a daunting proposition. Oorbeek Morehouse Strategies has raised tens of millions of dollars for campaign committees and raised the profile and visibility of candidates, Members of Congress and organizations over the past decade. With a reputation for professional and ethical fundraising, we have developed a proven, successful method to fundraising that is reliable and will help your campaign achieve its goals. We have served in every capacity on a campaign, and will use our experience as an integral part of your team.

PAC Development
Your organization’s political action committee is more essential than ever. Members of our Oorbeek Morehouse Strategies team have raised millions of dollars for our clients PACs. Here is a snapshot of our proven track record:

  • Increased a company’s PAC receipts from $800,000 to $2.5 million per cycle in less than 5 years
  • Created & implemented a strategy that increased employee PAC participation by 52% in the first year
  • Reached 100% maximum ($5,000) participation from Vice President level and above
  • Expanded the PAC donor communications to include quarterly newsletters, monthly legislative updates and online capabilities

PAC Fundraising: After a comprehensive assessment of your organization, we will work with you to develop a fundraising plan tailored to your needs. Whether your PAC is corporate, trade association or issue-based, we will help you grow and achieve the fundraising goals necessary for your organization to advance its legislative priorities on Capitol Hill.

Fundraising Event Planning: Annual events as well as unique experiences are a great way to engage your members and encourage them to participate in the political process- in a fun way! This can include golf outings, dinners, receptions and special fundraising events.

Strategic development of your message and brand: It is crucial to develop a brand and message that is easily identifiable for both your members as well as the Washington community. Communication and education to your members: Educating the stakeholders of your organization about your advocacy efforts in Washington is crucial. We will work with you to develop a message that will ultimately engage them in PAC and grassroots activities.

Non-Profit Development
Oorbeek Morehouse Strategies will ensure that your non-profit’s fundraising strategy is based on truthful and responsible stewardship. Fundraising policies should be consistent with a non-profit’s mission, and respectful of the interests of donors and prospective donors. Oorbeek Morehouse Strategies will develop your fundraising strategy utilizing:

  • Annual drives
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Corporate campaigns
  • Direct mailings
  • E-commerce fundraisers
  • Gifts in-kind
  • Major gifts
  • Matching gifts
  • Membership dues & tuition fees
  • Product sales
  • Special events
  • Sponsorships

Business Development
Do you feel your company, 501c4, or 501c3 could benefit from developing new relationships? Oorbeek Morehouse Strategies will work with you to identify areas for growth and develop strategies for you to maximize your business opportunities.